7 Popular Wedding Cake Rituals That Makes The Ceremony More Fun

7 Popular Wedding Cake Rituals That Makes The Ceremony More Fun

Weddings are the sacred ceremony where two people, truly and deeply in love with each other, take vows to be together for the lifetime, till death do them apart. Apart from sheer love and romance, these ceremonies also put a prime focus on fashion, color palette, wedding gown, and cake. Ask a bride how hectic it is to find a perfect wedding cake because after the vows, the very first thing that couple proceeds to is the cake cutting ceremony and literally every pair of eyes is set upon the wonderful cake that they are about to devour. Bakers and couples go the extra mile to design the cake of their dreams. Along with these cakes, some wedding traditions are associated too that make the ceremony more fun and frolic and give the memories to remember forever.

Every country or community has its own unique rituals when it comes to the wedding cake. Here, we are enlisting some of the most interesting ones that will engage your attention for sure:

1.Saving The To Tier

Today this tradition has taken a back foot for so many obvious reasons but back in the 19th century, the top tier of the cake was saved till the christening of their first child. Although it is interesting to know that the bay actually tasted his/her parent’s wedding cake, for some reasons, it is good that couples don’t follow this tradition anymore.

2.  Stuffed Lucky Charms

Gold and silver charms are stuffed into the layers of cakes and the guests who find it are considered to be lucky and it is believed that good luck will find their way to them soon after. Each charm baked into the layers have a special meaning and different kind of luck will fall upon the person who found it in his/her slice. Where a rocking chair ensures a happy and long life, an airplane might symbolize a fun adventure in near future.

3. Lots Of Tiers

In medieval times, bakers used to stack layers of cakes as high as possible for the newly married couple. The bride and groom were supposed to kiss over the highest tier. If they were successful, it was believed that the couple will have a long and prosperous married life. Since then, tiered cakes have evolved and have been extremely popular.

4. The Drinking Cake

In Norway, a high towering cake is prepared at the wedding called Kransekake. It is prepared with iced almond cake rings to form a cone shape, with bottom stack being the broadest, and a wine bottle is placed at its hollow center. It’s not about just having a cake but drinking it too!

5. Fight For The Head Position

In Russia, the new bride and groom share a wedding sweetbread known as Karavaya. This bread is decorated with wheat and interlocking rings showcasing prosperity and faithfulness. Whoever lands the biggest bite, whether the bride or groom, is considered the head of the family.

6. Single Ladies, Watch Out

In Peru, the wedding cake is laced with ribbon attached to charms. On one of the ribbons, a fake wedding ring is embedded in the center. The single lady who lands with a slice of cake embedded with the fake wedding ring is supposed to get married next. All these lacy ribbons on the cake also make it look extra dreamy.

7. Wedding Cakes That Are Not Cakes

In Ukraine, instead of cake, a slice of bread is served as a dessert which is known as Korovai. It has numerous symbol engraved on it which is considered as symbolism for two families being merged as one. The Korovai is considered quite sacred in Ukranian wedding ceremonies.

If you are planning for a wedding cake or just craving a cake after reading this article, then no need to stress, just order your favorite flavor like butterscotch, chocolate, or black forest cake online to satiate your sweet craving and enjoy a toothsome flavor in no time.

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