All You Require to Know about Jute Floor Mats

All You Require to Know about Jute Floor Mats

If you are lately on a lookout to add some rustic beauty to you living area spaces, then placing a mat woven with natural fibres is a great idea to go with. Jute floor mats are made out of combination of dried jute and some other natural fibres in order to impart the required softness to the rug. They not only enhance the overall aesthetic looks of the home but are highly durable and long lasting as well.

Constituents of the Rug

Jute floor mats are made up of Jute plant, majorly grown all across Asian subcontinent. Since these have great strength, they are used widely in the making of ropes, burlap fabric and the rugs of different size and shapes.

What makes the jute fibre a perfect option for making the mats are its inherent qualities of softness and durability. These fibres are able to bear the excessive rough usage without any visible impact for years to come quite unlike other mats. On the softness front as well, Floorspace jute mats are probably the plushest of all the natural fibre mats available in the market currently, straightaway making them the best choice for the homes with small children.

What makes them stand out?         

Adding natural fibre rugs whether it is sisal or jute are a way of bringing a part of nature inside. They have an uncanny ability to impart that organic look and feel to the rooms or the corridors these are placed in. If you are a nature loving person, then these are sure to match your taste.

Even with the homes pulsating with toddlers and pets, jute floor rugs can be turned into the favourite family lounging area. They are thick, strong and soft, so play, lie down on them or simply watch TV together in the company of your loved ones cuddled together.

Natural fibre mat colour is tan, but they come in various dyed out options as well. For those who want to keep it all rustic, it is better to stick with the tanned earthy tones. However, if you want the bold colours to embrace your floors, then you have the option of some beautiful monochromatic tones to match up to the room interiors. And that is not all, if you are a pattern loving person, then you can also go for your favourite stripes and prints as per your preference and likeability. Options are galore!

Simple tips to maintain your favourite rug

Though, all natural fibre rugs are highly durable and long lasting, yet you need to follow a simple care routine in order to keep them in good state for a long time to come. In case of spills, immediately soak or blot clean the affected area with tissues to avoid stains. Keep the jute rugs in moisture areas. Otherwise, simple daily vacuuming routine is enough to take care of the cleaning needs of your favourite jute floor mats, keeping them brand new for the many years to come.

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