Coping up with indigestion when you are pregnant?

Coping up with indigestion when you are pregnant?

Indigestion refers to a discomfort in an upper portion of your abdomen or tummy. Medicine for digestion during pregnancy is there but it appears to be one of the most common discomforting issues when you are pregnant. The physical and hormonal changes could pave way for a lot of uncomfortable symptoms when you are pregnant. In spite of medicine for digestion in pregnancy there are various ways by which you can cope up with this disorder.

Would indigestion go on to have an impact on your baby?

Indigestion does not appear to be that uncomfortable for your little one, but it would be painful for you. A slow form of digestion could go on to have an major benefit on the baby as the body would get aim amount of time to allow nutrients to place into the placenta.

What are the various ways by which you can get rid of indigestion when you are pregnant?

There are several age old remedies in order to get rid of uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. It has been seen that most of them do not have any form of scientific backing, but expecting mothers are going to find it very helpful

  • After eating do not put excess amount of pressure on your stomach. Do sit up straight and give some time before you are planning to lay down
  • If you bend at the knee or bend at the waist this would make the situation worse
  • Keep away from spicy foods or fruit juices as they are going to make the symptoms of digestion worse. Keep a dairy handy with you in terms of foods that you can eat during this juncture
  • When you are eating sit upright. It eases indigestion and would take a lot of pressure from the tummy.
  • It makes sense not to drink water during the course of a meal as it would aggravate the symptoms of indigestion. Water should be drunk before or after a meal
  • When you sleep the symptoms does go on to become a lot pronounced.
  • It would be better if you wear loose clothing around your waist. If tight set of clothes are there it does put considerable pressure on the abdomen making the symptoms of indigestion worse
  • Instead of three heavy meals a day opts for 3 smaller meals. In fact when you eating your food chew it and do not swallow.
  • Before you are sleeping spend some time listening to music. It goes a long way in distressing yourself and maintains a definite gap between your meals.

When is the correct time to seek help from a doctor?

The symptoms of indigestion could be alarming and this is a case when you have not even experienced it during pregnancy. If the above set of remedies are not going to work and necessary results not obtained then seek help of a doctor. You should also check with your doctor

  • In case if you throw up blood
  • Coping up with issues of heartburn.

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