Discover The Success Of Rising Demands Of Your Business With Amazon AWS Cloud

Discover The Success Of Rising Demands Of Your Business With Amazon AWS Cloud
  • What Is Meant By AWS Cloud Consulting?

Switching to AWS Cloud has not just offered businesses several benefits although have significantly minimized complications concerned with migration of workloads to a lot more economical robust base. Migrating to cloud implies that to lift latest servers in few minutes that successively ends up in smaller downtimes, enhanced overall reach, extra innovation etc. Due to the specific interface build by Cloud for deploying their services in few minutes, minimized load time and provides customers to operate in any kind of traffic scenario.

  • Why Opt For Us?

We are an efficient AWS Cloud Consulting Company in India and provide remarkable managed AWS cloud services. We have specialists and professionals of technologies, who not just facilitate in scaling back the migration prices, however manages the potency of the concerned application. Seamless migration is the ultimate objective of the skilled consultants which assists in managing the accuracy of the business based logic.

Our aim is to confirm their success over Amazon Web Service. We tend to facilitate customers in navigating the whole set of Amazon Web Services of robust cloud consulting services and prepare the cloud for obtaining the foremost out of Amazon Web Service.

We are one of the premium consulting partners of AWS, we carry the potential which is mandatory to design, deploy and maintain complicated cloud infrastructures over Amazon Web Services. We have a complete record of various devops project, infrastructure migrations spans and cloud application development.

We have a team of technicians, architects, and experts who have achieved Amazon’s highest level of certification — the Certified Solutions Architect Professional along with Certified DevOps Engineer Professional that means once customers associate with us, they will be working with a team with the topmost level of demonstrated experience and potential utilizing the Amazon Cloud.

Amazon Web Service Cloud Professional Services From CloudOYE Comprises:

  • Infrastructure along with migration of application to Amazon Web Service from any place, comprising their internal data center or other public cloud service provider such as Rackspace, Softlayer, Joyent, Google Compute Engine and Azure.

  • Deployment of recent framework and various applications over Amazon Web Service.

  • Application development to design and deploy flexible cloud driven applications at scale.

  • Automation of their complete cloud architecture utilizing the recent tools from Amazon Web Service, Chef, Ansible, Docker, and so on so forth.

  • Cloud managed services to enhance and expand their pre-existing IT as well as operations teams.

  • Cloud encryption and monitoring based most suitable implementation practices.


Our cloud specialists and professionals assess, operates and provide high-level cloud based solutions which are engineered to assist their business objectives. These consist of:

  • Assessment: Our professionals assess the cloud needs and operate according to their architectural requirements.

  • Roadmap: We offer planned roadmap for Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud for their application development requirements.

  • Delivery: Working according to our assessment and the planned roadmap, we execute their SaaS with a Proof of Concept (POC).

Our team of cloud technicians have performed with several top most players to provide remarkable cloud based solutions. We hold a record in reliability and in terms of performance assessment, modification, evaluation, and automation of business methods and infrastructure. We allow persistent configuration and migration with lowered prices and quick deployment of crucial and complicated workloads across the cloud.

In case you are looking forward to migrate to the cloud, approach us today. Our cloud specialists are happy to support you with the best class of solutions for each of your business requirements.

  • Advantages of Amazon Web Service Cloud Consulting


Cloud services, as a platform, are installed only just once.


Extremely protected information as Amazon possess several security based certificates such as PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA as well as ISO.


Cloud solutions costs are very cost-effective as compared to on premise solution.


No hardware installation is needed, thus it doesn’t consume time to install


Cloud services will work without any failures.


Cloud services are highly ascendible as we have to enhance its capability, we require a click and it consisting offering that particular service.


Provide efficient services with no failures.


Cloud services, which are cost effective and durable as they enhance sales and therefore it further maximizes profitability

  • Simple to Administer

Utilizing Amazon Web Service, it is simple to move from project conception to deployment. Execution of database and connection of their concerned application will be performed in an instance.

  • Extremely Ascendible, Available and Reliable

Amazon Web Service framework is reliable and assists in enhancing durability for typical production databases.

  • Flexible Management

Amazon Web Service provides a highly durable set of storage along with administration capacities. The infrastructure is elastic which is ideal for their application.

  • AWS Cloud Consulting Services

  • Large scale Migration

  • Big Data & Machine Learning

  • Operations Integration

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Databases Service

  • End User Computing

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)

  • Security, Risk, and Compliance Advisory

  • What we Offer you

  • We offer our customers with Amazon Web Service from anywhere comprising internal data center or other public cloud service provider such as Rackspace, Azure, etc.

  • Simply automate EC2, EBS volume and RDS backups.

  • Deployment of recent architectures and various applications on Amazon Web Service.

  • Application development to construct and deploy flexible cloud applications.

  • Automation of their complete cloud framework utilizing the brand new tools from Amazon Web Service, Ansible, Docker, and Chef and so on so forth.

  • AWS managed services to increase and expand their existing IT along with operations teams.

  • Big data services which allow their cloud applications to store and operate huge volumes of information.

  • We possess a precise record of various successful DevOps projects, infrastructure migrations and cloud application development with several client engagements.

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