Partnership Firm Registration Process || Online Partnership Registration

Partnership Firm Registration Process || Online Partnership Registration

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Getting back to the subject i.e, Partnership Firm Registration Process!


Process – the only way to avail the entire benefit of the particular registration or tax filing or any other subject to which you are glancing.


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Partnership Firm Registration Procedure: Step-By-Step Guide

Partnership is one of the most important forms of a business organization, where two or more people come to build a business and divide the profits into an agreed ratio.


One of the easiest business form in India, as off – it is not ruled by any specific laws.


Fast forwards, in order to register a Partnership – the following process needs to be navigated out.


-:- Elaborated As Follows -:-


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Now, let’s jump over to the steps, elaborated as follows —

01: Application Filling

At first, one needs to file an application in the faith of partnership firm registration.


Application for the Registrar of Firms in the prescribed form (Form A).


Now-a-days this facility is also available online.


Such applications should have some basic information about the firm such as:


  • Name of the Partnership Firm.
  • Name & address of all the partners.
  • Place of business (address of main and branch offices).
  • Duration of the partnership.
  • Date of partners joining.
  • Date of business commencement.

02: Sign Partnership Deed

Over second, one needs to sign the partnership deed!


In other words, Partnership Deed (in which all the terms and conditions are included) should be duly signed by the Registrar.


Later to this, deposit/pay all the necessary fees and stamp duties.


03: Submit Required Documents

Once the application is signed, you need to send all the partnership required documents!


Now, you might be glancing for the documents, required in the faith of partnership registration. Needless to say that – visit the anchor text in blue — Documents Required For Partnership Firm Registration!

04: Obtain PAN And TAN

Under this alternative, you need to obtain PAN and TAN!


Depth view of the same is as; It is entirely based on you and the package that you have chosen. Apart from this, looking at the package, we will help you get PAN and Tan registration for the partnership agency.


However, the registration is done with the respective authorities – subject to government and customer processing time.


All done! Congratulation, you are done with the registration process.


Finally, by following out these steps, you will receive an e-mail corresponding to the very registration.


Here, in this blog, we have discussed the ~~ Partnership Firm Registration Process || Online Partnership Registration.


Often we concluded its layout and the entire process throughout the steps in detail.


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