The follicular hair transplant treatment

The follicular hair transplant treatment

The process that involves follicular hair transplants is considered to be the most effective among the other hair restoration procedures. In this follicular hair transplant, the surgeon transplants hair from the permanent zone in the back of the scalp on to the affected areas. First of all, the donor tissue is removed in one piece and this is done in order to ensure that the follicular units being relocated from the back of the scalp are not damaged.

There is an integral part of the hair follicle transplant is single strip harvesting as it helps preserving the follicular units. It helps ensuring that there is no damage caused on the individual hair follicles. The technique of this follicular hair transplants allow the surgeons to use some small recipient site. On the time of surgery, the follicular units are removed from the donor tissue that are minutely studied by a microscope.

This stereomicroscopic dissection raises the yield of the absolute number of the follicular units and also that of the total amount of hair also. Normally, it is really easy to find the Best hair transplant in Istanbul, but for that you have to take help from the internet. Instead of browsing to and fro on the internet, you need to check all the details about the center you are willing to get the service from.

The process of follicular hair transplant procedure

On the time of follicular hair transplant treatment, the surgeon scans under a microscope. In this process, the follicular units need to be removed from the donor tissues. This stereomicroscopic dissection helps to protect the follicular units. Even also it ensures a rich yield of both the follicular units along with the total amount of hair that has been restored.

The donor strip: In follicular hair transplants, the donor strip is the hair strip that is usually taken from one part of the body and transplanted to the bald region of the scalp. In this method, the donor tissue is basically removed in one piece and this ensures that the follicular units are being removed from the back of the scalp that has not suffered from any damage.

Donor strip extraction: The donor strip is taken out of the permanent zone in the back of the scalp and then it is transplanted on to the areas of the scalp where is no growth of hair. The process of single strip harvesting in follicular hair transplants ensure preservation of the follicular units. Even at the same time, it also helps to protection of the individual hair follicles from possible damages.

Follicular units: Follicular units are a bundle of hair that are growing together. A follicular unit is usually formed of one to four terminal hairs and every single follicular unit is surrounded by one or two fine vellus hair, oil glands, a small muscle, and a fine band of collagen. The follicular unit is the skin’s hair bearing structure to ensure the maximum growth. In genetic balding, the transplanted hair is of smaller diameter and length than the hair that has been replaced.

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