The positives along with negatives of each sleeping position

The positives along with negatives of each sleeping position

When the though strikes you on how the best new born baby sleeping positions, there are various options. When you are considering the sleeping options for the new born baby you need to consider the pros along with cons. You need to consider the pros along with cons of each type of sleeping position.


Is considered to be a small bed for the toddlers along with infants. You can rate it to be a traditional option and the major benefit of is that it requires less updates. The main advantage of this sleeping position is that you can use it till the size is ready to graduate to a full sized bed.

In terms of positives, you can find easy accessories to it, there are available in various sizes along with shapes and there is less desire to be upgraded. From a negative point, as it is larger size that most options it is going to make you a lot unsettled, it is the most expensive option and is going to make you less settled.

Co sleeper

Is a sleeping position that allows your baby to sleep beside you? It replicates a crib in a lot of ways but one side works out to be lower than the other which means you can reach out to the baby in case they are going to need feeding.

In terms of positives you can reach out to your baby at night, so minimum amount of night time disruption occurs. It is smaller in size than a crib and since the baby is safe they can have their own space. Most of the models have locks so it becomes easy to move it from one room to another with relative ease. In case of many models you can turn them over to a co sleeper. From a negative aspect, as it is smaller than a crib it tends to outgrow it in a quick manner. If you do not have wheels it becomes difficult to move it from one room to another and lastly the bedding accessories are on the limited side.


It is rated as one of the best sleeping options for your little one as it cocoons the baby. It is going to comfort the baby and put them to sleep. The cradles are another variation of this type of sleeping position and you can move them from one room to another as most of them do have wheels in them.

From a positive aspect since it is of small size it can even fit a small room or apartment. In comparison to cribs they tend to outgrow quickly.

Baby hammock

This is a sleeping position that has gone on to become popular in the last few years due to the rocking motion that puts the baby to sleep.

You can easily move it and reduces the occurrence of flat head syndrome. It is bit expensive and tends to outgrow the baby quickly.

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