The Types Of Trains In India

The Types Of Trains In India

 In India, the richness is not just in languages, cultures, seasons, clothing, festivals, dancesor arts; there is diversity in traveling modes as well. If you speak of Indian railways, it has a wide range of trains stored for you. There are trains that are categorically expensive, there are trains that are affordable to travel in and there are the ones having extremely low prices.  The beauty lies in the fact that these trains touch every part of the country for the convenience of passengers.

Whether you want Food for Train Journey, look for comfortable seats or any other luxuries; you can opt for the options accordingly. It is all about as per your budget. Trains today are catering everything for your convenience.It might be known to you that   Indian Railways is one of the most old and most respected travel circuits in the nation. These were one of the foremost forms of transport. Moreover trains do connect various towns, cities, districts, states and even regions to each other.SinceIndian railways are there width and breath, nobody can say that they cannot go to another place in the country.  Anyhow, it would be exciting to see different types of trains below:

The Bullet trains

As the name says it all these are super-fast trains that run in areas of India. These provide spearhead services in chief commercial cities in the country such as Mumbai –Bangalore – Mysore and Ahmadabad. These trains exist to add connectivity between cities and various parts of India.

The toy trains

These are not the trains that your children used to run in the room but these are big toy trains. It means that these trains look like toys and are adorable.  It is undoubtedly true that these toy trains would bring back the memories of your childhood. The trains are generally run in amusement parks and fairs or diverse exhibitions. However in India, these kinds of toy trains run through the Indian Rail Lines through historical landscapes. To name a few of the   toy trains in India are like Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Highway and more. These trains are mostly run in the hill areas and give spectacular views to the travellers. Their speed is normally slow but gives you an amazing time on board.

The passenger trains

If you think about passenger trains, these trains are the trains to take people who travel from one place to another by rail. There are diverse types of passenger trains out there. These trains are like local trains, the inter-city trains, express trains, inter –state trains and so on.You can find these trains running in almost every area of the country.

The local trains

There are diverse local districts inside the states of India. So with the purpose of connecting the travel between different districts there are local trains. The tickets for these trains can be bought minutes before the arrival of the train at the station. The passengers use these local train services to travel from one city to another city inside a region or district.


So, you can find many other kinds of trains in India that keep the passengers on the go for their tasks and rejuvenation.

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