Warm up this winter with the coolest fireplaces

Warm up this winter with the coolest fireplaces

Winter assures a fun filled time with family and friends, a celebration worth remembering throughout the year.

While many opt for outdoor sports like skiing and hockey, nothing can beat the simplicity of sitting beside fireplaces, sipping hot coffee and watching your favorite Christmas movie. Though the fireplaces serve us to provide coziness as a primary function, one can make them adorable with simple yet elegant fireplace decor ideas.

Add value to the fireplace decoration by implementing below ideas

  • The VintageWay– Though modern-day heating system is much convenient; the old-fashioned woodstoves are still a popular choice when it comes to home improvement with excellent interiors. The open fire is eye catching and a central resort to sit by and talk. A photo frame collage of your dearest family members would be a nice option. Speaking of vintage items, hanging an antique clock over the fireplaces can also be one of the finest fireplace decorating ideas. You can also opt for putting a classic art frames as an option to clock. The space above bigger fireplaces can be accommodated with a pair of art frames, kept hanging side by side.
    • Contemporary Ideas– Crafting an artistic television cabinet over the fireplace would add to its beauty. Go for a firm and safe structure devoid of any flaws as there is an active fire burning below the cabinet. Do take care of the connecting cables and maintain safe distance from the fireplaces. The excessive cabinet space can be utilized to keep small art work and show pieces.
    • Mirrors and Flower Vases– There are some exclusive mirror designs available in modern time which can’t be overlooked. Depending upon the size of fireplaces, you can choose the type of mirror frames. Apart from their traditional use for personal grooming, they are an integral part of modern day interior design. Compliment them with a pair of attractive flower vases. While real flowers are the best option, you can still opt for a variety of artificial flowers which promises a visual treat.
    • Go out of the box– The interior design has evolved to a mammoth extent where there are countless ideas, a blend of innovative and traditional ways for home improvement.

    The architects and designers are working to make a striking impact by decorating the fireplaces. The continuous efforts to stand unique are a driving force for this advancement. Think by yourself or take professional help to go out of the box and make your fireplaces spectacular.

    While you improve the aesthetics of fireplaces, local chimney sweep don’t forget to upkeep them with safety and functionality. Become away the combustible objects like plastics, rubber products, wood as it might be a prospective cause of House fire. Avoid overhanging the decorative items near the fire. Burn the right quality of wood to avoid excessive smoke and pollution. The fireplaces assure a cozy, warm time with family. Just revamp them with some attractive decorations to improve the ambience and enjoy the winter.

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